8 Nighttime Street Grills/Food Nigerians Love.

8 Nighttime Street Grills/Food Nigerians Love.


Nigerians so much love Nighttime street grills/food such that they can’t do without buying them when heading home at night, some of this street night grill and food are used as appetizer while some are used as actual dinner.

Usually this type of food or grill are mostly not found in the day time they are special night type of food but in places where you find one during the day, their sales is nothing compared to those that run business at night.

In this article we shall talk about the common street, night grill or food Nigerians love to eat at night.

1. Shawarma

8 Nighttime Street Grills/Food Nigerians Love.

This is one of the most popular night grill food in Nigeria especially Lagos state. shawarma originated from Turkish Empire, it is made with pocket pita bread, chicken or meat, pepper, unsweetened yogurt, hot dog, cabbage, carrot, mayonnaise, ketchup, chili sauce among other ingredients seasonings and spices.

Depending on location in Nigeria and size of the shawarma wrap, it is sold between 500 naira and 3000 naira or more. It is package with foil paper or customize papper roll in some cases.

If you are opportune to taste a good one you will always crave for more. It is widely loved, and it is usually paired with soft drink or juice.


2. Suya

8 Nighttime Street Grills/Food Nigerians Love.

Traditional seasoned grilled or smoked meat is known as suya in popular culture. The Hausa people’s culture and cuisine heavily incorporate this dish, which is also known as tsrie and originates from the Northern area of Nigeria.

The Hausa people typically Grill suya at night, setting up shop at busy intersections, bars, and crossroads.

Usually, chicken, beef, or ram on skewers are used to make suya. Tripe, the liver, and other internal organs are also utilized.

It comes with a side of sliced red onions, fresh tomatoes, and yajin kuli, (a blend of chiles, ginger, garlic, onions, salt, and other spices) and is presented on paper or foil. Suya is sold for as low as 100 naira


3. Meshai (Noddles, Bread, Egg and tea)

8 Nighttime Street Grills/Food Nigerians Love.

This is another common street food sold at night in different part of Nigeria, although some operate during the day but seem to be more active at night.

Meshai is said to have Hausa ancestry. Vendors in this industry specialise in selling bread with eggs, noddles, and eggs, all served with tea.

Agege bread, a specialty of Nigeria, is used to produce the meshai fried egg and bread, the egg is flavoured with fresh peppers, tomatoes, onion, etc.

When ready, the egg is placed into the bread, mashed together, and then placed back in a hot, fatty frypan where it is gently browned before being served with tea or soda. This meshai combination is sold between 300 naira to 500 naira depending.


The Meshai Noddles are just regular noodles with veggies, and an egg, but this way of cooking noodles is fantastic since the noodles are first soaked in boiling water and then drained.

The fried egg is wrapped around the noddles once they have finished cooking before being served with tea. It is sold within the range of 300 naira to 600 naira depending.


4. Asun

8 Nighttime Street Grills/Food Nigerians Love.

Often we get tired of eating the roasted or fried goat meat, another option is Asun. Goat chopped into bite-sized pieces, with big bold aromatic flavors from onions, habanero, garlic and bell peppers.

Asun is a Yoruba delicacy Peppered from Goat meat, It is simply grilled/barbecued goat meat with lots of pepper and other spices.

Major ingredient is goat meat, other ingredients are red and/or green bell pepper, green onions, cooking oil, Curry powder, seasonings etc

Asun is a typical grill in late-night pubs, beer joints, leisure areas, and football viewing centers. Additionally, it is served at parties. Depending on your location, it cost between 1000 and 3000 naira.


5. Akara and Bread

8 Nighttime Street Grills/Food Nigerians Love.

Akara, which is prepared with ground, peeled beans, is also known as beans cake. It is another well-known nighttime street snack in Nigeria. It can be eaten with pap or bread.

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Yoruba tribe in Nigeria is where akara first appeared. The beans coat must first be removed from the beans right before making the akara in order to proceed. Beans qwithout coats cannot be used.

A ball of akara costs 50–100 naira from vendors; according on your consumption rate, you purchase the appropriate quantity to fit your needs with a mixture of bread.


6. Grilled Fishes (Grilled Kroka fish or Barbecue catfish)

8 Nighttime Street Grills/Food Nigerians Love.

This is a different street night grill or dish that is popular in Nigeria; it is prepared using a variety of fish, but the most popular ones are kroka fish and catfish.

The aroma an taste of this delicacy is noting to be compared with, In certain places, they’re served with fried potatoes and ketchup.

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The grilled fish recipe is very simple and the ingredients can be twisted to suit the available spices and seasonings. They are sold within the range of 2000 naira to 5,000 naira or more.



7. Barbecue chicken

8 Nighttime Street Grills/Food Nigerians Love.

Barbecue chicken are grilled chicken covered in barbecue sauce. Chicken might be a common meat but in this case the chicken are prepared in a special way to give special flavor, make moist and juicy.

After grilled, the chicken is chopped into smaller pieces and packaged in foil. Barbecue chicken ate sold within the range of 3000 naira to 5,000 naira.


8. Fried Yam and Potato

8 Nighttime Street Grills/Food Nigerians Love.

Fried potatoes commonly called (dundun) and Crispy fried yam is a major nighttime food or snack in Nigeria, they are served with pepper sauce.

The yam and potato tuber are sliced and then frayed in vegetable oil, afterwards they are served in a paper wrap as pepper sauce is added to it.

Nigerians love this combination at night, it servers as a fast food or appetizer .


While writing this article we gathered some frequently asked questions about Nigerian food and we have provided detailed answer to them

What is the most popular street food in Nigeria?

Suya is arguably the most popular street food in Nigeria and can be found in almost every state. It is usually sold around late evenings to midnight. However, many new restaurants have now added this popular street food to their menus meaning it can be bought any time in the day now.

Who is the king of street food in Nigeria?

La Krim is the king of street food in Nigeria after emerging as the winner of season 2 of Street Foodz Naija. Adegboyega La Krim won with his unique dish in the food reality TV show.

What is the national drink of Nigeria?

Palm wine, known by several local names is Nigeria’s national drink, it is an alcoholic beverage created from the sap of various species of palm tree.

What is Nigeria most famous food?

Jollof rice is the most famous Nigerian dish but the cuisine has so much more to offer, especially with its abundance of richly flavored soups and stews, it is known for being spicy and aromatic.

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