“Have you heard anything about him?" Mother of 17-year-old victim of collapsed ikoyi building kept asking.

“Have you heard anything about him?” Mother of 17-year-old victim of collapsed Ikoyi building kept asking.


Ikoyi building collapsed on November 1, 2021 And led to injury’s and death of Workers including the owner of the building Mr Femi Osibona. It was a tragic incident that put lot’s of family in tears and pain.

One of the victim of the collapsed building is a 17-year old boy identified as Toheeb Yusuf, who went to work at the construction site before we the building collapsed.

Report have it that Yusuf was said to have been reluctant to go out on the day of the incident, but his mum identified as Rashidat, pleaded with him to go, so he could get some money for the family’s upkeep.

His mum, Rashidat, still doesn’t believe her son is dead as the kep on asking “Have you heard anything about him? Do you know his whereabouts?”

PUNCH reported that she prayed for him when he was leaving home on the day of the tragedy.

She said: She said, “I prayed for him that day as he prepared to leave. In the afternoon, I called him and his mobile was unreachable, I initially thought it was the network but soon I felt uneasy. It was on Tuesday morning that I heard about a building collapse. I still dialled his number, perhaps for him to pick and tell me he stepped out before the incident occurred.”

She further said:

“I haven’t been able to sleep. How can I sleep with all that is happening? I don’t know where my son is. What kind of mother would sleep in this kind of situation?,”

According to PUNCH, Yusuf mum reside in an uncompleted building with about eight other women who had come to sympathise with her.

Further report from PUNCH state:
A family member who spoke to our correspondents on condition of anonymity said that they had searched hospitals where survivors were rushed to but didn’t see him among them. The family has yet to have access to the morgue where the corpses were.

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