Osinachi Death: Osinachi's Mother Testifies Against Nwachukwu in Court.

Osinachi Death: Osinachi’s Mother Testifies Against Nwachukwu in Court.


Caroline Madu, mother of late gospel singer Osinachi Nwachukwu, appealed with the Federal Capital Territory High Court in Abuja on Monday to assist her in obtaining justice for her daughter.

Madu testified in court that she and Osinachi’s siblings were never permitted to visit the dead, except when she was unwell.

Osinachi Death: Osinachi's Mother Testifies Against Nwachukwu in Court.
Late Osinachi, husband and children

The 61-year-old described visiting her ailing daughter, and when they went to church, Peter abandoned them and drove away with the children.

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She said Peter called her a witch and expelled her from his home.

“I saw her last in December when she came to Enugu for a programme and before then there was a time she left her matrimonial home because of the ill-treatment and she stayed with me for a year and three months before Peter came with a pastor to beg that he had turned a new leaf.

“However, after she returned and gave birth to her third child, she called me that she was hungry and I had to send my son Chibuzor with foodstuff to her in Abuja.

“My son after four days called me that he was no longer comfortable as Peter poured water on him and told him never to help in washing his children’s clothes and poured water on Osinachi and her newborn baby when she was praying,” she testified.

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However, the defence attorney, I.A Aliyu, objected when Madu was questioned if she never saw her daughter after childbirth, as is customary in Igbo culture.

In answer, Imana noted that Section 7 of the Evidence Act indicated that she might ask questions directed towards areas that would bring forth facts leading to the charge against the defendant.

However, the judge, Njideka Nwosu-Iheme, upheld the objection, stating that Section 215 of the Evidence Act permitted inquiries targeted at eliciting facts but not ones eliciting expected replies.

She also prevented the prosecutor from directly questioning the witness.

When asked if her daughter had any other health issues except the ulcer, Madu said no.

She also indicated that she was aware that the incident was being examined, but she did not know the outcome of the police inquiry.