Why Ethiopia is celebrating 2014 instead of 2022 as new year.

Why Ethiopia is celebrating 2014 instead of 2022 as new year.


As countries around the world are celebrating 2022 as new year, Ethiopia recently entered 2014, as a matter of fact Ethiopian calendar reads January 23rd 2014 as other countries of the world celebrate January 1st 2022. This is because the Ethiopian calendar is Seven years and 8 months behind western calendar.

You may be wondering why the East African country is seven years behind the rest of the world. Well, Ethiopia follows a calendar similar to the ancient Julian calendar, use Coptic calendar, while other countries of the world use Gregorian calendar.

Ethiopian Orthodox faithful attend a prayer ceremony to mark the holiday of Enkutatash, the first day of the new year in the Ethiopian calendar, which is traditionally associated with the return of the Queen of Sheba to Ethiopia some 3,000 years ago, at Bole Medhane Alem Ethiopian Orthodox Cathedral in the capital Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Friday, Sept. 11, 2020. photo credit (alarabiya.net)

trendinggist9ja gathered that the difference in year numbering is believed to be because the Ethiopian Orthodox Church does not agree with the Roman Catholic Church about when Christ was born.

According to BBC The Ethiopian Orthodox Church calculates the birth year of Jesus Christ differently. When the Catholic Church amended its calculation in 500 AD, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church did not.

So the new year falls on 11 September in the Western calendar, or 12 September in leap years, at the start of spring.

Time is also counted differently – with the day divided into two 12-hour slots starting from 06:00, which would make both midday and midnight six o’clock in Ethiopian time.