Why You Should not Microwave Food in Plastic Containers.

Why You Should not Microwave Food in Plastic Containers.


If we are to consider the danger of plastic in the kitchen, then you would probably think twice the next time you want to Microwave Food using a plastic container, but the truth is, a lot of people ignore the detriments whenever it comes to heating their leftovers in a plastic bowl.

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This act poses a lot of dangers to a person’s well-being, considering the various chemicals that are used in the production of plastic food containers. “Plastic” refers to a range of materials which has substances added to stabilize or shape it.

So here’s why you shouldn’t microwave food in plastic containers.

Why You Should not Microwave Food in Plastic Containers.

There are a lot of evidence that shows that plastic food containers are dangerous to our health, especially when it is associated with heat. The two most common substances used in plastic production are:

  • Phtalates to make plastic stronger and flexible.

These two substances are known to be ‘endocrine disruptors ‘ i.e they affect the natural hormones such as ‘ testosterone ‘ and ‘ oestrogen ‘ which can lead to infertility.

Other effects include early puberty, cancer, thyroid disease, leukemia, matabolic disorders, and neurobehavioural problems. These chemicals are transferred from the plastic container into our food whenever heat comes into play.

So, if you’re left with no other choice than to microwave your leftovers in a plastic container, then you should at least consider using safer plastics (i.e avoid BPA). You can check the recycling symbol ( usually at the bottom of the plastic ), if they are labeled 2, 4, or 5, then there’s safer. Avoid plastics that are labelled 1, 3, 6, or 7.

NOTE: The fact that a plastic container is labeled “microwave safe” doesn’t mean it’s actually safe, it only means “it won’t melt”.

So, when next you need to heat your leftovers in a microwave, consider using alternatives such as glass, ceramics or aluminium foil.

Stay safe, eat safe.